Raymond J. Savoy, Esq.
Attorney Raymond J. Savoy joined the law office of Fitzpatrick, Mariano & Santos P.C. in 2009. Attorney Savoy studied criminal justice at the University of New Haven and earned his law degree in 2001 from Quinnipiac University School of Law.
Attorney Savoy is a retired police sergeant with over twenty years of law enforcement experience. Attorney Savoy taught at the Waterbury Police Academy in the areas of civil liability, courtroom demeanor and testimony, criminal law, housing laws, laws of arrest, laws of evidence, and search and seizure law. Attorney Savoy has strong ties to the Naugatuck community and practices in the areas of criminal law, DWI defense, motor vehicle law, personal injury, employment/labor law and workers compensation law. You can contact Attorney Savoy at (203) 819-1972 or savoy@fmslaw.org
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