Redding Resident of the Week: Carol Gamez

This week's 'Redding Resident' has found that her veterinary practice has been successful in business and creating a place that feels like home to both employees, pets and their owners.

Name: Dr. Carol Gamez

Age: 51

Occupation: Practice Owner of Georgetown Veterinary Hospital.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I was born in Laguna Beach, Calif. I went to Stanford University and met my husband there. He was a New Yorker at the time. I moved out to New York in 1984 and I worked at Animal Medical Center until I applied to Cornell University for my veterinarian work. I studied Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. I also did an internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. I am a Small Animal General Practitioner with a special interest in Exotic Animal Medicine. This means that I treat birds, frogs, hamsters, rats and fish.

What kind of fish do you treat?

I treat koi and goldfish.

How long have you worked as a veterinarian in Redding?

I have been here since 2004.

What is your favorite aspect of Redding?

I love the people. The people of Redding are wonderful. That's the first thing I noticed about Redding. I worked in New york City as a veterinarian for years and when I came here everyone was so relaxed and friendly.

What is your best memory in Redding?

We had a cat that was dying and was rushed to the Georgetown Veterinary Hospital. The cat needed a blood donor, so our hospital cat, Doug, offered his own blood with some coaxing. That cat went on to live for a year. Carol Truffini, the Practice Manager, submitted Doug's story to CVMA, the . His story spread to papers and practices all over the state of Connecticut. Doug won pet of the year.

What keeps you in Redding?

I have a business here now and I am really fortunate to say that I love what I do. I have a wonderful partner, Stanley Truffini who is a resident of Redding. I have a wonderful staff as well. We are very serious about what we do. Our practice is a lot like the people of Redding.

You have put a lot of time into the practice. What are some highlights of your time working here?

I call it the triple crown. Doug won his award as 'Pet of the Year' in 2008. In 2009 our technician, Debbie Saballos was honored as 'Technician of the year.' In 2010 Donna Davlerio, one of our staff members, was recognized as 'Team Member of the Year.'

Are you part of any organizations?

I am on several advisory boards. I am on the advisory board of Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, I am a part of ROAR, I am on the Mercy College advisory board for their technician program and I teach an exotics class there every year. I am on the advisory board of Norwalk Community College's Veterinary Assistant program.

What do you do for fun in Redding?

I actually hike a lot with my dogs at Huntington State Park. I have two mixed breeds. I have a 75 pound mixed breed lab and a 25 pound small breed mutt. I also have a tortoise named Shelby and two cockateils named Frankie and Berdie. They are all rescues. I also like to go swimming at the Wilton Y when I am not in Redding.


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