Weston-Barlow Scores and Standings: Nov. 3

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After a meeting of its athletic directors Wednesday, the South-West Conference determined that there will be no championship games in field hockey and girls soccer.

They league announced that the winners of Sunday's semifinal games will be declared co-champions in those sports. Finals will be contested in boys soccer and girls volleyball before the start of state tournaments, which are scheduled to begin on Monday.

A number of towns remain without power in the wake of Saturday's snowstorm and Barlow High School will remain closed through the end of the week.

SWC executive secretary Norm Winnerman issued the following statement Wednesday night:

"It isn't perfect but the problems we faced were varied and serious. We had to deal with field availability after the heavy snow, closed schools due to power outages and local rules governing practice and play during school closings. The schedule you have here is the result of necessary compromises, not the least of which was crowding the tournament in before the start of the CIAC tournament season."

Here is the updated SWC playoff schedule (Barlow still has teams alive in girls volleyball, field hockey and boys and girls soccer):


Girls volleyball

Bethel at Barlow, 4 p.m., quarterfinals

Weston at Bunnell, 5 p.m., quarterfinals


boys soccer

Bunnell vs. Barlow, 5 p.m, semifinals, at Pomperaug

Pomperaug vs. Bethel, 7 p.m., finals, at Pomperaug

girls soccer

Barlow vs. Pomperaug, 12 p.m., quarterfinals, at Weston noon (completion of game that was suspended at the conclusion of regulation

Girls volleyball

Pomperaug at Lauralton Hall, 4 p.m., quartefinals

New Fairfield at Newtown, 4 p.m., quarterfinals


Boys soccer

Finals, 4 p.m., at Bunnell

Girls volleyball

Semifinals at Bethel, 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Finals, at  Bethel, 8 p.m.


Field hockey

Barlow vs. New Fairfield, 2 p.m., at Weston, semifinals

New Milford vs. Lauralton Hall, 4 p.m, at Weston, semifinals

Girls soccer

Newtown vs. Barlow-Pomperaug winner, 2 p.m., at Newtown, semifinals

Lauralton Hall vs. New Milford, 4 p.m., at Newtown, semifinals

Swimming and diving

Diving championships, 12:30 p.m., at Weston Middle School


Swimming and diving

Swimming championships, 4:30 p.m., at Masuk


No games scheduled

SWC Football Standings

Colonial League Overall PF PA

Bunnell 6-1 287-164 6-1 287-164

Pomperaug 6-1 233-88 6-1 233-88

Newtown 6-1 271-76 6-1 271-76

Bethel 5-2 224-238 5-2 224-238

Masuk 7-0 396-72 7-0 396-72

Brookfield 3-4 175-162 3-4 175-162

New Milford 3-4 155-218 3-4 155-218


Weston 5-2 152-140 5-2 152-140

Barlow 3-4 182-205 3-4 182-205

New Fairfield 2-5 151-177 2-5 151-177

Stratford 2-5 114-281 2-5 114-281

Oxford 1-6 167-260 1-6 167-260

Immaculate 0-7 81-308 0-7 81-308

Notre Dame-Fairfield 0-7 140-339 0-7 140-339

Girls soccer standings (through Oct. 27)


Newtown 11-1-4

Barlow 12-2-2

Pomperaug 10-3-3

New Milford 10-3-2

Masuk 10-4-1

New Fairfield 7-8-1

Bunnell 5-9-1

Stratford 2-13-0


Lauralton Hall 11-1-3

Immaculate 11-3-1

Bethel 8-4-4

Brookfield 7-5-4

Weston 6-9-0

Oxford 3-13-0

Notre Dame-Fairfield 1-13-0

Kolbe-Cathedral 0-16-0

Boys (through Oct. 27)


Pomperaug 15-0-1

Bunnell 12-2-2

Newtown 10-2-3

Brookfield 9-2-5

New Milford 7-6-3

Masuk 4-11-0

Stratford 1-14-1


Bethel 9-4-3

Weston 8-4-4

Immaculate 8-5-3

Barlow 8-5-2

Oxford 6-9-0

New Fairfield 2-13-1

Kolbe-Cathedral 2-13-0

Notre Dame-Fairfield 1-10-4



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