POLL: Weston Schools Eye Open Campus Policy

The Board of Education is wondering whether to tighten up its open campus policy.

Should students with good enough grades and parental permission be allowed to come and go to Weston High School as they please during free periods? 

That's how school policy stands now for sophomores, juniors and seniors with grade point averages of 2.0 or higher.

But at the Weston Board of Education's meeting last week, the school board wondered whether that policy should be revisted, according to The Weston Forum.

The school board is considering whether to revise the policy to only extend the privilege to juniors and seniors who maintain grade point averages of at least 2.67.


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According to The Forum, Principal Lisa Wolak said the school conducted a survey at the beginning of the school year. Data collected from the survey indicated 81 percent of students were in favor of open campus for sophomores but a "large majority" of parents and teachers were against giving underclassmen that privilege. Three-fifths of parents and teachers, however, were in favor for an open campus for juniors. 

Neighboring , but recently students in nearby Ridgefield High School—which has vacillated between being an open and closed campus—.

The school board will revisit this topic at its next meeting, scheduled for June 18.


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