Report: Weston is 2nd Richest U.S. School District

Weston ranks behind Scarsdale, N.Y. while New Canaan ranked 8th and Darien ranked 10th, according to a list of richest school districts compiled by 24/7 Wall St. website.

Weston is the second wealthiest school district in the United States, according to 24/7 Wall Street, a news website.

The website's article was republished by the MSN website earlier this month. Weston's tax base was compared with those of other communities. The article cited the town's median household income of $209,630 and per student expenditures of $20,718, among other factors.

"On the 2008-2009 Connecticut Academic Performance Tests, close to 100 percent of 10th-grade students from demonstrated proficiency in reading and writing, while the average Connecticut school had 80% to 90% proficiency," according to the article. "U.S. News ranked the district’s high school seventh in the state of Connecticut."

Weston was joined in the top ten by nearby New Canaan (No. 8, with $179,338 median income; $18,915 in per student spending) and Darien (No. 10 with $175,766 median income and per student expenditures of $18,047).

The very richest school? Scarsdale, N.Y., with $238,000 in median income and $26,742 in per student spending. Westchester County in New York and Fairfield County have the largest concentration of the top 10 richest school districts in the country, according to the article.

The article did not state what years it was using for its comparisons of income, spending, tax base and other information.

Last month, U.S. News & World Report ranked Weston High School and the 270th best in the country, according to its 2012 Best High Schools ranking. However some school districts later said the data provided was incorrect.

Later in May it was reported that  ranks 163 in list.


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