Easton and Redding's Top 25 Paid School Employees

The average salary of the top 25 employees of the Easton, Redding and Region 9 school districts was $142,000 for the 2010-2011 school year.

The top 25 paid administrators and teachers for the Easton, Redding and school districts together made $3.57 million during the 2010-2011 school year, according to Vicki Cram, the three districts' human resources coordinator.

Cram said she preferred providing the data for the most recently completed school year, rather than for the current school year, as the current school year's data "wouldn't give an accurate picture." 

"Anything could happen between now and the end of the school year – illness, stipend not issued for whatever reason," Cram wrote in an email to Patch. 

The following figures were provided by Cram. They include the employees salary, annuity payments, stipends and any other additional pay the employee may have received.

Name Position District Salary/Annuity 1. Michael Cicchetti Superintendent Central Office $244,420.67 2. E. Marie McPadden Assistant Superintendent Central Ofifce $180,086.27 3. Tom McMorran Principal - Joel Barlow High School Region 9 $160,478.50 4. Diane Martin Principal - John Read Middle School Redding $159,868.58 5. Brian Farrell Director/Special Services Redding $156,045.26 6. Margaret Sullivan Director/Finance & Opertations Central Office $155,010.15 7. Stephanie Pierson Ugol Principal - Redding Elemetnary School Redding $153,795.61 8. Kimberly Fox Santora Principal - Samuel Staples Elementary School Easton $153,704.08 9. Donna Dekle Director/Special Services Easton $153,569.47 10. Thomas Richter Data Specialist - JBHS Region 9 $148,132.95 11. Anne Kipp Asst. Principal - JBHS Region 9 $145,250.50 12. Gina Pin Asst. Principal - JBHS Region 9 $139,500.50 13. Cheryl Schutt Spec. Ed. Teacher - JBHS Region 9  $136,124.01 14. Patricia Roszko Director/Special Ed. Services Region 9 $135,273.43 15. Paula Panos Director/Guidance - JBHS Region 9 $132,915.43 16. Darlene Wallin Asst. Principal - JRMS Redding $129,647.33 17. Michael Santangeli Administrator for Athletics, Phys. Ed and Health - JBHS Region 9 $128,922.16 18. Cheryl Freeston Supervisor/Special Education Redding $126,851.42 19. Maureen Kilbourn English Teacher - JBHS Region 9 $126,089.60 20. Carrie Wessman Huber Asst. Principal - RES Redding $121,693.38 21. Susan Kaplan Principal - Helen Keller Middle School Easton $121,642.42 22. John Crowley Library Media Specialist - JBHS Region 9 $119,105.63 23. Katherine Nuzzo Science Teacher - JBHS Region 9 $113,586.00 24. Frederick Barna Math Teacher - JBHS Region 9 $112,977.58 25. Carmen Brown Reading Teacher - SSES Easton $112,607.80
Bill April 05, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Unbelievable. Tax payer beware.
Karla Donovan April 05, 2012 at 04:20 PM
These salaries PLUS pension and benfits PLUS enviable job security??? Amazing. And ridiculous.
Glen K Dunbar April 07, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Look at those salaries. Go ahead New Canaan people...tell me how great my life is ummmm Glen


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