Webbe Seeks to Unseat Herrmann in Easton

Robert Webbe is running as a write-in candidate for First Selectman of Easton.

Will Easton First Selectman Tom Herrmann be sent back to town hall for another two years?

Not if Robert Webbe has his way.

Webbe, an unaffiliated voter, is running as a write-in candidate to become Easton’s top elected official.

“I know that people in Easton have gotten behind my candidacy and the formerly unopposed First Selectman is feeling the heat,” Webbe said.

For Webbe, Easton’s town government “is dysfunctional and the problem stems from the First Selectman’s management style and aversion to serve the citizens of Easton.”

“We have a transparency problem at the highest level,” Webbe said. “We are owed millions of dollars by the state, but we are not taking any action to collect the money, and I want to take aggressive steps to bring that money to the town.”

Webbe said he wants to return money that, in some cases, is being held illegally by the town.

“Tax relief promised to senior citizens has been changed and the standards have been raised,” he said. “The attitude in certain parts of town hall is openly adversarial towards the citizens. I would make town hall a service center for Eastonites, as it should be. There is an opportunity for me to set an example and create an atmosphere of community and I hope to do that.”

Webbe said the biggest problems Easton include failing “to provide for its citizens during emergency situations” and the fact the town has “the highest per capita debt of any town in Connecticut.”

If elected, Webbe said he’d restore power to the town committees and boards.

“Self-serving members would be asked to resign,” he said.

Webbe said he’d also restore a Board of Ethics and set up task forces “to deal with issues that we must resolve that will burden us with more taxes.”

“Arrogance makes me extremely uncomfortable and it has no place in government at any level,” he said.

Webbe said he believes people deserve to be dealt with honestly and fairly.

“I believe that serving in government is serving the people,” he said. “This town government feels more like Washington, and I want it to operate like a community. I would like to preserve the natural beauty of Easton. I believe that I can help run the town efficiently and still be compassionate to the public servants who work for the town.”

The polls are open tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Samuel Staples Elementary School.

liz maiorano November 07, 2011 at 08:45 PM
Good luck Robert, you have my vote. Thank you for having the courage to run. In a community where RTC members call you out for supporting an independent is just more proof that we need change in Easton. You are a breath of fresh air.
hal November 07, 2011 at 09:58 PM
I recently wrote to the town government about UI's lack of attention to Easton after power losses and I got back a nasty insulting reply basically telling me to go to hell. That's the kind of "responsive town government" the tax payers of Easton have. Good luck Robert !


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