Troxell: 'No Animosity' in Decision to Retire

The Weston Police Commission accepted the police department's acquisition of two Humvees. That situation created a question as to whom the police chief reported, but Chief Troxell insisted it had no influence in his decision to retire.

Was Chief John Troxell in the wrong for failing to include First Selectman Gayle Weinstein in his communications regarding the police department’s acquisition of two Humvees to be used in emergency situations?

Whatever the case, Troxell insisted Tuesday night that his decision to retire, announced last month, did not have to do with “a single issue.”

“There’s no single issue that has driven me to make my decision to retire,” Troxell said, adding his enthusiasm’s been “chipped away” over his 31 years of service to the town. “A chief has to know when it’s time for him to go, and I’ve reached that point. I’ve done everything there is possibly to do. Let somebody else take a shot at it.”

Troxell said he had “no animosity” towards the town or Weinstein.

“Gayle and I have a very good relationship,” he said, adding they’ve not always seen eye to eye on every issue, but were both professionals.


On the table Tuesday night was whether the police commission would allow the department use of the Humvees, which were obtained through a program that returns military vehicles and equipment to police departments. The commissioners unanimously voted to do so.

Troxell told the commissioners a bit about the vehicles before they voted.

“They were never deployed, solely used for vehicle transport and personnel transport,” he said. “One has 4,100 miles on it, the other 6,400 miles on it. They’re basically in mint condition.”

Troxell said that the department’s Crown Victoria vehicles do not hold up well in inclimate weather and that the department needs 4x4 vehicles. He said when he found out about the program, he jumped on the opportunity because he thought it could benefit the town.

“We’re kind of on our own here, until people can get to us,” Troxell said, adding that in the case of another storm of Irene proportions in which a lot of trees fell down, with the Humvees, we could “drive over [a tree] if we had to.”

Troxell said his department’s recent requests for vehicles have been denied. The department had to use the Board of Education’s SUVs during the last storm — “an embarrassment to the town,” according to resident John Dembishack — so he jumped on the opportunity.

“The most important thing we do as a police department in this town is respond to emergencies,” he said. “I felt it was a good choice to bring both of [the Humvees] back.”

Chain of command

The Humvees ended up in Weston after Troxell got permission from the commission, by a vote of six to one, to obtain them last month. According to state statutes, the chief is bound to the commission when making these sorts of decisions.

But ambiguous language in the town’s charter and chief’s contract led to no one-hundred-percent clearly defined hierarchy of to whom the chief must answer. Weinstein, as first selectman, has authority over the chief regarding “significant” matters and felt as though she should have been kept in the loop regarding these vehicles.

So the confusion began.

“My opposition is that you guys had this discussion via email instead of having it at a meeting,” Weinstein said. “I should have been informed of any major purchases that impact the town.”

Troxell said the vehicles cost virtually nothing to the town and they will be fitted for the road with Weston Police decals, red and blue lights and a siren, all for free. The Humvees will cost the town $531 each per year to insure.

“To me it just made perfect sense,” he said.

Weinstein reiterated she felt as though because police cruisers are in the capital budget, she should have been in the conversation regarding the acquisition.

“This whole thing has become so much of a bigger deal than it should have been,” she said.

Commissioner Jess DiPasquale said that Troxell’s actions were legal and justified, and “to convolute it and make it look like something was done wrong is just inappropriate.”

“We acted totally within our powers to do this,” Commissioner Beth Gralnick said.

sean armstrong February 09, 2012 at 02:26 PM
WEINSTEIN “My opposition is that you guys had this discussion via email instead of having it at a meeting,” Weinstein said. “I should have been informed of any major purchases that impact the town.” Guys say it aint so???? Did she feel left out?? They were Basically FREE!!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot She's left out !! Does the police department not have discretionary funds available?? Weinstein WaWaWa Get a life!!! I have a thought having lived in Weston for more than 25 years does qualify me to have an opinion so here goes.... The next time there is a storm where nothing except 4X4 vehicles move or allowed on the roads leave Weinstein home! Do not pick her up with town vehicles!! Lets see how effective her or Lack there of leadership abilitys are, and if that means she cant be reached by phone or car perhaps she will get off the power trip that is Weinstein and allow the people whom know more about the needs of the town and that have the ability to make an informed decision for its betterment alone!! Chief Troxell is a class act and would not make waves about issues like this,,, but actions speak volumes. There is something to be learned !!!! When the police department when presented with a FREE offer, to the Towns betterment it should have the authority to act!! After all the town has hired these officers to SERVE and PROTECT So here is my thought allow them to do what you hired them FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sean armstrong February 09, 2012 at 02:28 PM
all I can say is wait Until something catastophic happens and weinstein is unavailable whether shes on vacation or away on town business NO ONE will act........JUST WAIT!!!
Andy February 10, 2012 at 05:33 AM
Weinstein bashed Troxell for 'abandoning' the community during Irene while he, like many of us, were stranded in our own homes. If Weston had military grade all terrain vehicles during the storms of 2010 I'm sure this issue would have never come up... Why is this an issue?! Do the math on this acquisition... Weinstein OBVIOUSLY has something against Troxell!
Andy February 10, 2012 at 05:41 AM
sean armstrong February 10, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Ya think??? but wait....Hes out, driven or just tired of her crap but a great Chief is gone(Troxell) Hope she bought a 4X4 and some boots because its a long walk to Town Hall from her house. And if you think anybody will pick her up WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Swan February 10, 2012 at 03:40 PM
I grew up in Weston, was once a police officer in Weston, am now retired from law enforcement. This is so typical, whine-stein, if you wanted to be chief you should have put your time in, instead of being a flash in the pan "here for a term or two and gone". In the 60's the saying was "if you don't like the cop's call a hippie", Hope whine-stein's number is out there, cause that's who Weston's gotta count on. Troxel saved the town 60K
Tom Swan February 10, 2012 at 03:43 PM
PS Shame on the police commissioner's for not standing behind the Chief.
CelticFan191 February 10, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Sean, Andy +2. Have a good retirement, John.
John Palazzo February 11, 2012 at 09:12 PM
John Troxell becoming the Police Chief in Weston was the best thing that happened to that Department since it's inception. The fact that the ego of your first selectmen has finally overwhelmed his enthusiasm to serve is an absolute tragedy.
sean armstrong February 13, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Another thought Re: Weinstein,,,elected official right? How much longer until her tenure is over? can she be removed? And a thought to the TOWN! does the town have TERM LIMITS if not it should adopt some,and damm soon before any else is put in harms way!!!!!
Justin Reynolds (Editor) February 13, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Sean— Gayle was reelected, by a 57 to 43 percent margin, to her second two-year term in November (http://patch.com/A-n6Zp). She'll be up for reelection, should she seek a third term, in November 2013.
sean armstrong February 13, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Justin,,Thanks for the answer to the questions! So its only taken 2 years to screw up whats been in place (crime is down) for the last 10-15 years PRETTY SCARY!!! As far as the election, after this little stunt Ill wager it wont even be close, IF she thinks about re running!! But one can only wait and see what other damage has been done and not surfaced yet, and the additional fall out to come.


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