Top 25 Paid Employees in Weston Schools

The average compensation of the top 25 employees of Weston Schools is about $137,000.

The top 25 paid employees of Weston schools average about $137,000 each and together are earning $3.42 million for the current school year, according to figures provided by Marisa Forchione, the district's payroll and employee benefits coordinator. 

Five employees' compensations include a car allowance: ($6,000); Director of Finance & Operations Jo-Ann Keating ($6,000); ($5,000); Director of Human Resources Lewis Brey ($3,000); and Director of Technology Erik Haakonsen ($1,200).

Three employees receive additional compensation for doctorate degrees: Weston Middle School Principal Ken Craw ($2,000); Weston High School Assistant Principal Mike Marotto ($2,000); and teacher Arline Beckoff ($2,135).

Three employees receive stipends: Curriculum Leader Edward Drummond ($11,894); teacher Kim Russo ($4,733); and teacher Celeste Coulter ($1,832).

The following figures, provided by Forchione, indicate total compensation for the 2011-2012 school year.

Name Position Compensation 1. Colleen Palmer Superintendent $238,000 2. Jo-Ann Keating Director of Finance & Operations $178,675 3. Tom Scarice Assistant Superintendent $176,619 4. Lisa Wolak Principal $165,109 5. Ken Craw Weston Middle School Principal $157,147 6. Lewis Brey Director of Human Resources $153,503 7. Pattie Falber Weston Intermediate School Principal $151,326 8. Joanna Genovese Hurlbutt Elementary School Principal $151,326 9. Lois Pernice Director of Pupil Services $147,943 10. Mike Marotto Weston High School Asst. Principal $138,299 11. Mark Berkowitz Athletic Director $136,299 12. Daniel Doak Weston High School Asst. Principal $136,299 13. Mike Bernardi Weston Middle School Asst. Principal $128,624 14. Jason Bluestein Weston Intermediate School Asst. Principal $122,326 15. Daniel Clark Director of Facilities $121,391 16. Erik Haakonsen Director of Technology $118,675 17. Doreen O'Leary Hurlbutt Elementary School Asst. Principal $118,249 18. Edward Drummond Curriculum Leader $112,960 19. Kevin Joyce WHS Teacher (1.2 FTE) $112,405 20. Kim Russo WHS Teacher $110,697 21. Arline Beckoff HES Teacher $110,591 22. Celeste Coulter WIS Teacher $110,288 23. Linda Allegretti WIS Teacher $108,456 24. Richard Blozie WHS/WIS Teacher $108,456 25. Maria Caracuel WHS Teacher $108,456

The list can be compared to neighboring .

Rick Darling, Weston's finance director, provided the top four paid employees who work for the town.

Name Position Salary 1. Tom Landry Town Administrator $127,232 2. Rick Darling Finance Director/Treasurer $118,403 3. Joe Lametta DPW Director $103,491 4. John Troxell Police Chief $103,351
Bill April 09, 2012 at 06:35 PM
I find it nearly criminal what all these people are getting paid. You just don't find these kinds of exhorbitant salaries in the private sector. A Superintendent making $238,000.00? Are you serious? And teachers making over $100,000.00 - not to mention their pensions. These salaries are obscene and unless the property owners say no to this, the nonsense will continue.
Siwanoy April 10, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Whats the worth of a teacher to your students? 40k a year?
Steve R May 04, 2013 at 02:43 PM
This is simply inaccurate. Employees in the "private sector" with similar levels of authority in similarly sized organizations make more, on an annual cash compensation basis, than any of these folks.


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