State DCF Revises Response to Child Abuse Reports

The state Department of Children and Families will now respond to low- and medium risk reports with a family assessment instead of an investigation.

As a part of a new initiative, the state Department of Children and Families announced on Monday that it is changing to way it responds to reports of children being abused or neglected, according to the Associated Press.

Instead of performing investigations for all reports of abuse, the department will categorize each case as "low," "medium" or "high" risk and respond accordingly. For reports that are considered "low" or "medium" risk, the department will perform an assessment of the family to connect them with community resources. For "high" risk cases the department will respond with an investigation.

Reports such as a child going without a coat during the winter will be considered "low" risk, while reports of physical or sexual abuse are considered "high" risk.

DCF recently to improve the way the agency, community-based clinics and social workers statewide handle children affected by abuse in all its forms.


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