Shaban: Jobs, Economy Top Issues in CT

State Rep. John Shaban (R-135) is seeking a second term this November.

Redding's John Shaban wants another term in Hartford.

Shaban, a Republican, is running against Democrat Leon Karvelis, also of , to represent the 135th District in Hartford. Karvelis . 

“I decided to run for State Representative in 2010 because I wanted to help improve the lives of all citizens in Connecticut,” Shaban told Patch. “I was concerned about the direction our state was—and is—heading, and felt that I had to put myself in a position to help.”

Shaban, who is a partner in a law firm and has volunteered in the community, said he’s learned “what government can and should do to promote a free and successful society, and what government should not do.”

“I take my position seriously and am happy to say that I have earned the respect of both my Republican and Democratic colleagues,” Shaban said. “I hope to be able to continue my service in this fashion.”

Shaban said his opponent is a “good man” and deserves credit for his willingness to serve.

“We simply have a fundamental disagreement about the appropriate size and role of our state government,” he said. “I believe that the more government tries to do, the less it does well. Our state government must function within its means and must operate in a measure and predictable fashion. Sadly, we have not done so.”

Shaban said that Hartford’s Democrats are “clearly responsible for contributing to our state’s current financial woes” and that the Republican platform is one which will help Connecticut grow in the future. 

“Last year, the governor and majority Democrats increased spending by almost a billion dollars a year, and sought to support this spending by passing the largest tax increase in state history—increasing income, sales and estate taxes, and levying new taxes on everything from children’s socks to nonprescription drugs,” Shaban said. “The result of this ‘government comes first’ approach is the current state deficit projection, a downgrade in our bond rating, and a continuation of the poor job and business growth we have seen for decades. Simply put, I think Leon would help those who are dragging us down the wrong path.”


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Problems facing Connecticut

Jobs and the economy are the most important issues facing Connecticut, Shaban said.

“As our economy continues to stagger and limp toward recovery, we have to concentrate on getting people back to work by encouraging growth and stability in the business community.  When our business community succeeds, everyone succeeds,” he said. “Unfortunately, our state government continues to burden businesses both large and small with new taxes, new regulations and new pro-litigation laws that do more harm than good.“ 

Shaban said Connecticut also needs to focus on education reform.

“While our local schools are excellent, too many Connecticut children suffer with inferior educations,” Shaban said. “Education reform should not be a partisan issue or an election year slogan. I will continue to support and work with those who are serious about the issue." 

More information on Shaban is available on his website

Leon Karvelis May 02, 2012 at 12:31 PM
The question of who has the right perspective in dealing with the serious problems we face is the issue voters must decide. With 35 years of private sector business experience in analyzing and advising state and local governments and seeing what they have done both right and wrong, I am better qualified to work on a bipartisan basis to help our State out of its fiscal and economic difficulties than John. Both political parties had been complicit in getting us into the record deficit position of $3.6B that greeted Gov. Malloy when he took office. And while we have made progress in adding 20,000 private sector jobs and reducing unemployment from 9.3% when he took office to 7.7% currently, there remains much to be done. I favor not larger government, but smarter government. I favor sensible regulation which protects employees, consumers and the economy. Unlike John, I do not view government as the enemy. I view it as a key facilitator in creating a level playing field in wisely restructuring our economy, reforming education by enhancing what works and fixing what doesn't, and applying the best ideas offered by those on both sides of the political aisle. I have no allegiances or obligations to any industry, career, lobbying groups, unions or business. As such, I can objectively represent the only special interests that are important to me, those of the people of Weston, Easton and Redding. I look forward to a serious debate on the issues. Leon Karvelis
Nighthawk May 02, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Let's hope both candidates can get together for a meaningful public debate!


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