Shaban Introduces 'Russ Neary Bill'

The bill would provided temporary tax relief to the family's of fallen first responders.

Easton lost one of its first responders during Hurricane Sandy. 

Russell Neary, who died when a tree limb fell on a firetruck while out on a call, left behind his wife and two daughters. 

In response to Neary's death, State Rep. John Shaban, who represents Weston, Easton and part of Redding, is proposing a bill which would provide tax relief for families of first responders killed in the line of duty, according to a press release.

If passed, the bill "would create a mechanism whereby surviving families could apply for a waiver from the personal income tax for up to one year." 

“The goal of the bill is to help the families of the state's fallen heroes, people who gave up their lives to serve and protect the rest of us,” Shaban said. “These first responders represent the best of our community, and should have some solice in knowing that, if they are killed while serving, the state is ready to help their families."

The bill—called the Russ Neary Bill by some—will be brought before the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee to determine whether a public hearing should be held to consider it, according to the release. 


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