Letter to the Editor: Shaban Says — I Have 'Kept My Word'

The following is a letter to the editor from State Rep. John Shaban (R-135th).


To the Editor:

When first elected, I promised to use a pragmatic, balanced approach while vetting the issues that face Connecticut.  My record shows that I have kept my word.

As your State Representative, I supported statewide education reform, but worked to defeat measures that would have eroded local control of our schools. I also worked closely with my three towns’ First Selectman (regardless of party) to promote local control of land use and town management. Their universal praise is a matter of record.

As an environmental lawyer and leader on the Environment Committee, I have supported bills that secure open space and remove phosphorus from groundwater, but opposed costly new government recapture programs when private sector solutions already exist. Likewise, I opposed a laudable but legally flawed bill to label genetically-modified foods, but am now on the bipartisan panel to craft a sustainable bill.

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, I supported bipartisan measures to improve criminal ID reliability, but opposed early release of violent criminals.  I also opposed laws that foster needless litigation, and coordinated the coalition that defeated a Trial Lawyers/majority bill that would have encouraged medical malpractice claims.

Finally, as a member of the Finance Committee, I have supported realistic pro-jobs initiatives, but opposed the current tax, borrow and spend fiscal policies that continue to bleed the private sector, hurt job creation, and have kept our state near last in most national economic measures.

I promise to continue this balanced, common sense approach, and appreciate your trust and support.

John Shaban

Leon Karvelis October 09, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Mr. Shaban's "balanced" legislative approach resulted in votes to deny women group health coverage for MRI's to detect breast cancer, to try and roll back our landmark environmental policy law, to permit the use of chemical pesticides on K-8 school grounds, and to allow large insurers to continue steering auto glass repair business to their affiliate Safelite, hurting local businesses. A Connecticut League of Conservation Voters representative referrred to him as "a problem" on the environment when they gave him a failing grade two years in a row. If "balance" means voting against the interests of the average person and small business, then perhaps he's been a success. I do not see it that way. We can do a lot better.


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