Redding Selectmen, Financiers To Consider School Security Upgrades

The boards will meet tonight to discuss possible security upgrades for the district.

The Redding Boards of Selectmen and Finance are scheduled to meet tonight to discuss security requests put forth by the Board of Education.

The meeting is slated to begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center.

According to meeting minutes, when the school board convened on Jan. 8, Dr. Bernard Josefsberg, superintendent, told the board he anticipated security improvement requests to fall under the following three categories: 

  • Material steps to physically secure the environment, including, review of building security needs, access controls, enhanced communication, etc. The budget proposal for next year currently includes funds earmarked for building security. 
  • Protocol procedure and review of existing plans including staff training. 
  • Collaboration and cooperation with the Redding Police Department, including and beyond the physical presence of a police officer in the schools, and consideration of a school resource officer.

Should the financiers and selectmen approve these security requests, a date for a special town meeting for the public to consider expenditures will be set. 


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