Ketcham Cruises to Seventh Term in Redding

Redding's First Selectman won reelection with more than three-quarters of the vote.

Natalie Ketcham cruised to victory Tuesday night, as Redding voters sent her back to town hall for a seventh term.

Ketcham warded off her most serious challenge from by a vote of 1,223 to 299.

won election to the Board of Education, knocking off Republican Fred Taylor by 23 votes.

According to the Redding Town Clerk's Office, there are 6,802 registered voters in Redding: 2,563 unaffiliated voters (37.6 percent), 2,198 Republicans (32.3 percent), 2,006 Democrats (29.5 percent) and 35 registered to other parties.

The results for major town boards and contested races are as follows:

First Selectman:

  • Natalie Ketcham (R): 1,223 (78.4 percent)
  • Erika Vibbert Magnussen (I): 299 (19.1 percent)
  • Nicholas Lepanto (I): 36
  • Christopher Augustine (I): 1


  • Donald Takacs (R): 811
  • Julia Pemberton (D): 841

Board of Education:

  • Melinda Irwin (D): 899
  • Kimberly Ajavananda (R): 833
  • Mike D'Agostino (I): 778
  • Frank Taylor (R): 755

Region 9 Board of Education:

  • Christopher Hocker (R): 1,216
  • Leon Karvelis (D): 1,160

Board of Finance:

  • Joseph Dolan (D): 1,106
  • Bill Alvarez (R): 1,149
  • Kim Yonkers (vacancy) (D): 1,122


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