Obama, Celebrities to Attend Fundraisers in Stamford, Westport

President Barack Obama is set to attend a presidential campaign fundraiser Monday at famed movie-producer Harvey Weinstein’s oceanfront mansion, Courant.com reports.


President Obama will helicopter in on to Monday with hopes of raising millions of dollars for his presidential campaign, according to a report on Courant.com.

The President will attend a fundraiser reception at the Stamford Marriott at 6 p.m. before heading back to Westport for a gathering where about 50 people are expected to attend. At the $500-a-plate event in Stamford, guests contributing $10,000 were permitted a photo op with the president. In Westport, admission is $35,800 a person.

"The Dark Knight Rises" actress Anne Hathaway and "The Newsroom" creator Aaron Sorkin will co-host the event at Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's 8,900 square-foot home. Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Joanne Woodward, the widow of Paul Newman, are also expected to be in attendance at Weinstein's 26 Beachside Ave. estate.

The six bedroom, seven bathroom (three half bathroom) colonial mansion sits on 2.33 acres located next to Westport's Burying Hill Beach and across the street from . The home was built in 1909, but Weinstein did not come into ownership of the property until 1994, when he paid $4.2 million for the spead, according to Courant.com's Property Line. Weinstein reportedly owns the neighboring property at 28 Beachside Ave. The value of the entire estate is $15.5 million. 

The White House has reserved Sherwood Island State Park in order for Obama to have a quick and convenient entrance to, and exit from Fairfield County. The state beach will be closed for the entire day. 


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Nighthawk August 06, 2012 at 06:08 PM
For the President's team to require that Sherwood Island be close on a beautiful summer day to make "a quick and convenient entrance to, and exit from Fairfield County" is the height of elitism. His helicopters could probably just as easily landed at the Weinstein estate - or, lacking that, right across the street at Greens Farms Academy. Shame on them for their thoughlessness.
MAC August 08, 2012 at 09:39 PM
I was there in the "We Built this Mr. President" crowd across the street from his Mon. fundraiser in Stamford. For a sample of the enthusiastic protest against Obama's ruination of our nation's economy, watch the passionate "Barbara from Harlem" video linked here. Barbara is black, and an enthusiastic member of and promoter of Tea Party principles of Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Balanced Budgets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vLebCTGHJk ..."Obama is losing independents and having trouble fundraising in Connecticut. ...it's a big switch from 2008. "Where you can really see his problems is in fundraising."... "See the financial shellacking Obama is getting from Romney in one of America's wealthiest communities"... "Romney is raising four times as much from an area that, in 2008, Obama positively relied on."... "The area is on pace to outperform the money contributed in 2008. If any donors are sitting out, they're Obama donors being replaced by Romney backers"... "Obama is getting creamed on fundraising on this crucial turf. The wealthy Connecticut crowd that paid the rent in 2008 isn't with him anymore."... http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-fundraising-problems-in-connecticut-2012-8


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