Conservation Group: Shaban Fails Environmental Scrutiny

State Reps. John Shaban and Dan Carter score low on environment, while State Sens. Toni Boucher and John McKinney ace the test.

Politicians in Weston, Redding and Easton have mixed scores when it comes to the environment, according to one advocacy group.

The environmental scorecard issued by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters for the 2012 legislative session shows improvements throughout the state. 

To rank the legislators, the League tracked the outcome of 21 bills during the 2012 legislative session. Eight were deemed hostile to the environment, and 13 were favorable. The lawmakers were assigned points if they voted for what the League deemed as pro-environment.

Name 2012 Score Lifetime Score State Senator Toni Boucher 100 74 State Senator John McKinney 100 86 State Rep. Dan Carter 71 66 State Rep. John Shaban 53 55

According to the League, environmental priorities, which had trended downward in 2010 and 2011, changed course in 2012. The average score for all legislators in 2011 was 76 percent versus the average score of 91 percent for 2012.  This year 53 more legislators earned 80 percent or higher than they did in 2011. 

“Constituents expect their elected leaders to protect clean air, clean water and open spaces,” said Lori Brown, executive director of the CTLCV. The poor scores legislators earned last year voting against environment really hit home.  This year, lawmakers were more receptive to environmental concerns and more cautious in opposition.”

The full report is attached to this article and can also be found on the CTLCV website.

Leon Karvelis July 20, 2012 at 12:19 PM
If there is anything in this contentious political climate that people of Redding, Weston and Easton agree upon, it is the protection of our beautiful but fragile arboral watershed environment. It is sad indeed that, according to the League of Conservation Voters, Mr. Shaban has consistently failed in representing our enironmental interests in Hartford. Most other Republicans and Democrats serving in the Legislature have recognized the responsibilities of their environmental stewardship and are to be applauded for their records, unlike Mr. Shaban. As Mr. Shaban's opponent for the seat in the 135th AD I have gone on record to assure our communities that the protection and preservation of our sensitive environmental legacy will be among my highest priorities should I be elected. The natural and buccolic environment of our region with its forests, clean water, pastures and protected trails is why many of us chose to live here. It is our reponsibility to protect them for our own and for future generations to enjoy. It is distressing that Mr. Shaban has not recognized that responsibility. Leon Karvelis Candidate, 135th Assembly District
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