Easton Joins a Solid Waste Consortium

A staff photo of curbside trash.
A staff photo of curbside trash.
Easton will join a consortium of towns to negotiate a solid waste and electricity agreement through its membership on the Greater Bridgeport Regional Solid Waste Committee.

"We will be able to deliver a much higher tonnage of garbage and get lower prices and Easton will benefit from the lower prices," First Selectman Adam Dunsby explained.

Voters agreed to join the committee at a Town Meeting held on Jan. 13.

As of last Thursday, Dunsby said he believed Easton and Milford were the only municipalities to approve the Greater Bridgeport Regional Solid Waste Interlocal Agreement with other communities yet to act on it.

Easton's garbage currently goes to the Resource Recovery Facility in Bridgeport, but the agreement ends in June of 2014. Dunsby said the committee would be able to negotiate a new contract.


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