Easton Democrats Applaud Town Website Upgrade

To the Editor,

Being a member of the Easton Democratic Town Committee I want to applaud First Selectman Adam Dunsby on his 2014 town goals, the first of which is to address the town website.

Upgrading the town web site is something we have advocated for years. In fact, in October 2011, we sent out a postcard stating we endorsed just that goal (see attached scanned copy of postcard). In 2011, our Easton town website even named five Justices of the Peace who were no longer alive.

We are glad at least that small detail was corrected.  It is unfortunate apparently we have not been able to update much else on the site, at least not until now.

The Easton DTC congratulates Mr. Dunsby's effort to finally catch up, as it will obviously be a big benefit to the town and something we in the Eaton DTC have wanted to do for years.

David Katz
5 Lantern Hill Road


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