Boucher Speaks Out Against Decriminalized Marijuana

The second-term state senator does not agree with SB 1014.

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) took to the floor in Hartford on Tuesday to voice her opposition of Senate Bill 1014 — An Act Concerning The Penalty For Certain Nonviolent Drug Offenses — namely, the decriminalization of marijuana.

"It's so much more expensive to fix a problem after it's created than to prevent the problem in the first place," Boucher said. "Just look at tobacco, and all the costs to government due to heavy tobacco smoking."

Kevin_Hunt June 09, 2011 at 12:45 AM
I agree with Boucher's statement that "It's so much more expensive to fix a problem than to prevent the problem in the first place". The problem here is marijuana prohibition. Marijuana prohibition has cost the taxpayers billions, ruined lives, enriched the violent gangs, and put thousands of nonviolent offenders in jail (for simple possession) with hardcore violent criminals and sex offenders. Kudos to Malloy for his pro-decriminalization stance. If our state and federal government really wanted to end marijuana-related trafficking, they would legalize growing weed for personal use and make buying weed from a drug dealer a serious crime.


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