Underage Drinking Party in Weston

Weston Police news, Oct. 3 through Oct. 10.

Underage drinking party

A 45-year-old Weston mother was issued an infraction for allowing a minor to illegally posses liquor on private property after police responded to a noise complaint on Hackberry Hill Road on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 9:48 p.m.

According to police, a Steephill Road resident complained about loud music. Police responded to the area, locating an underage drinking party at a Hackberry Hill residence. Police said upon arrival, several youths left the residence, walking towards several parked cars on the road. Police positioned a cruiser to block the road to prevent any intoxicated youths from driving. After interviewing a few of them, officers let the youths who did not consume alcohol drive. The parents of those who had consumed alcohol were contacted and picked up their kids, police said.

When officers went to the back of the residence, they "saw approximately 50 to 60 kids on the back deck where a ping pong table was set up," police wrote in a report. "On the table were multiple red cups and multiple open cans of Bud Light beer."

Officers said they located the 17-year-old male who lived at the residence and asked if his parents were home. The youth said his mother was inside the house and was then instructed to bring her outside.

Marielos Bonilla-Solano came outside and was asked about the party by police.

"She statd her son asked if he could have a party. She stated she told him it was alright as long as there was no alcohol," police wrote in the report. "She stated she just arrived home and saw the beer outside. She started to collected car keys from everyone and was then going to call the police for assistance."

She was then issued the infraction.


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