Redding Police Offering Temporary Amnesty to Speed Sign Thieves

Redding Police news Aug. 20 through Aug. 26.

Speed sign stolen

are giving the culprits behind the theft of a portable speed sign on Cross Highway until Thursday afternoon to return it with no questions asked, no charges filed, Police Chief Douglas Fuchs announced Monday.

According to Fuchs, sometime during the overnight hours on Saturday, Aug. 25, the speed sign—valued at $4,700—was stolen. Fuchs said the speed sign is GPS-enabled, and the department is currently in talks with its manufacturer to find the device's whereabouts.

"My suggestion is that if you have it, then you get it back to us ... before the manufacturer finds you, and then obviously we will find you," Fuchs said. Returning it by Thursday afternoon will be the department's "only amnesty period."

According to police, a resident heard teens in the area during the time period when the device was stolen. He called the theft—a felony larceny—"more than a prank." 

Fuchs said the speed sign is "very effective."

Theft from motor vehicle

On Wednesday, Aug. 29 at 1:50 p.m., a person reported that a black backpack blower and a trimmer were stolen from his vehicle parked on Lonetown Road. 

Admiral Obvious August 30, 2012 at 11:37 PM
The "Chief" has all of these toy's,well minus one now, and yet it seems theft is rampant. Stuff stolen from lonetown rd,copper from the construction in Gtown,also ac units stolen across the street. Construction signs stolen from simpaug and now his "very effective" signs. Maybe he should stop pimping for the press,stop obsessing over his toy collection and started actually doing police work there would be less crime.


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