Redding Police Investigate Graffiti Spree

Four separate incidents of graffiti being sprayed on town property occurred in Redding last week.

Redding Police are investigating four separate incidents of vandalism which occurred on town-owned property last week. 

According to Police Chief Douglas Fuchs, graffiti was found on Joel Barlow High School on Aug. 28, as well as over the weekend on the Redding Highway Department building, equipment near , equipment near the Redding Community Center, a shed by the community center and on the ground on the fields by the community center. 

"Some was general [graffiti], some was derogatory slanders against the Redding Police Department," Fuchs said Tuesday. "We're currently in the process of reviewing videotape."

Fuchs said he was unsure if the graffiti found at the highway department, elementary school and community center locations was related to the graffiti found at the high school. In any case, after , Fuchs said the amount of vandalism in town recently is getting out of hand.

"It's getting a little absurd," he said. "It's going to take the highway department a long time to clean all [the graffiti] up."

Fuchs said anyone with information regarding the vandalism should contact police and can do so anonymously. 

undisclosed September 06, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Take a drive down Sunset Hill Road. There is a traffic sign defaced with spray paintedm 2 very suscinct letters. Who cleans this up? A;so our highway department? What's going on is not nice and not like the town of Redding at all.


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