Prostitution in Weston

Weston Police news, July 25 through July 31.


On Sunday, July 31 at 9:32 a.m., officers conducted a prostitution investigation on Hidden Hill Road according to the Weston Police Department's press report. Because it's still under investigation, no other information was immediately available.

Swerving to avoid an accident

On Wednesday, July 27 at 7:22 p.m., police responded to a one-car accident on Godfrey Road East. After arriving at the scene, they saw Gregory Heintz, 51, of Godfrey Road East lying on the ground being treated by Weston EMS.

According to police, Heintz was driving down the road in his 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible when he approached Brierbrook Lane and a black sedan with a loud muffler was going the opposite way and crossed the center line, headed directly at him. In attempt to avoid the vehicle, police said, Heintz swerved to his left and ultimately struck the tree where his vehicle came to rest. There were no tire markings on the road.

The black sedan was not located.

A new scam in town

Detective Carl Filsinger told Patch Tuesday about a new scam which shorted one Weston man out of $3,000.

According to Filsinger, a college-aged man who was looking to supplement his income by moving some furniture received a check for $3,250 from someone overseas. The man deposited that check into his account — with $250 of it supposedly being his fee for helping move furniture — and was directed to wire $3,000 through Western Union to Texas.

The check bounced, and the man was down $3,000.

Filsinger reminded residents to be cautious when dealing with any money coming from unknown persons overseas, and also when Western Union is involved in a transaction. People should also wait until a check clears and even search the internet for something that might seem too good to be true, as likely if it is, other people have been scammed prior.

"The con artists are smooth," he said.


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