Morgan Stanley Executive Stabs Cab Driver

Unusual police news from around Fairfield County.

Police in Norwalk cited a city man for littering when he tossed a chicken skin out of his parked car though a garbage can stood nearby, then refused to pick it up and throw it away. Approached by police, the man reportedly told police that it , and when police pushed back, said they were “prejiduced.”


Norwalk police responding to a reported fight Tasered a man they . The man apparently wasn’t responding to police, instead got dressed in the car and reached for something, prompting the Tasering—it turned out to be a cellphone charger.


A high-ranking Morgan Stanley executive from Darien took a cab ride from Manhattan back home and had a dispute with the taxi driver. The driver says the executive refused to pay the standard $204 fee, so the driver left the man's driveway and started looking for the police station (with the passenger still inside the car). The executive says the cabbie demanded $300 and then abducted him, saying he would bring the passenger all the way back to New York.

The taxi rushed through town with a passenger door open, then the Darien man, searching for his cell phone, took out a small pen knife, he said. He says the cabbie cut himself when he grabbed the knife blade. The cabbie said he protected himself with his right hand and got cut. At that point, the taxi stopped and the Darien man fled. He later turned himself in to police, who arrested him after an investigation. The cabbie, a first-generation American from Egypt, also said the Darien man made derogatory statements about the cabbie's foreign origins. The case has been referred to in the New York and financial press as


A complainant in Fairfield reported to police that cash was stolen from his car -- but .


Fairfield police arrested a man for allegedly shoplifting $79 worth of baby formula; , according to the report.


In the latest example of an unusual crime that’s already hit at least four other Fairfield County towns, Stamford police before dawn Sunday arrested a pair of Manhattan residents for. When questioned by police, the two confessed that they’d stolen the grease from two outdoor containers at the back of Sergio’s Restaurant on East Main Street, police said.


Stamford police Saturday afternoon after he reportedly caused a disturbance at Ferguson Library downtown, then returned to confront security officials there after he’d been led away. The man was reported to be drunk, banging on furniture and swearing in the library’s second-floor computer area.


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