Minority Drivers Ticketed More in CT Than Whites

The Hartford Courant performed an analysis of 100,000 traffic stops in dozens of Connecticut communities.

On the day that in to protest racial profiling, a published report said Hispanics and African Americans are more likely than white motorists to receive a ticket if they are stopped by a police officer in Connecticut.

An article in the Hartford Courant that appeared on Saturday said an analysis by the newspaper of more than 100,000 traffic stops in dozens of different communities showed that blacks and Hispanics were two-to-three times more likely to receive tickets if stopped for the display or use of license plates.

The report also states that blacks were twice as likely and Hispanics four times as likely than whites to get a ticket when stopped for improper taillights.

An FBI investigation into claims that resulted in the recent arrest of four police officers and the resignation of the police chief.

are also being accused of racial profiling. Shawn Soljour, a 45-year-old African American woman, stating that she was "subjected to racial profiling and a false arrest" due to her sex, race and color after she was stopped two-and-a-half years ago and ticketed for allegedly running a red light.


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