Lawyer Forks Over $4,750 For Clients' Speed Sign Theft

Redding Police granted temporary amnesty to the culprits who stole a speed sign—and the guilty obliged.

Last week, the offered . Those responsible for the theft lawyered up and made amends before the deadline expired. 

Police Chief Douglas Fuchs said the department received a phone call Thursday from a lawyer, representing his clients anonymously, reporting that the speed sign had been destroyed. After negotiating, the lawyer dropped off $4,750 cash Friday to replace the sign and informed the department of where the broken sign was located. 

"We have reason to believe once they realized there was GPS technology and a camera inside, they immediately disabled the sign and [put] it somewhere which would have made the GPS technology worthless," Fuchs aid. 

Fuchs said the youth in Redding should be aware that traffic signs are meant for motor vehicle safety. He referenced a recent case in Connecticut where there was a fatal motor vehicle crash at an intersection from where kids had stolen a stop sign. Those kids were charged with manslaughter because their actions resulted in the death of someone.

"If you steal signs or make them illegible—there are real consequences to your actions," he said. 

WantMore September 06, 2012 at 05:11 PM
I don't like this solution where someone can allegedly steal a sign and then simply pay for it when the pressure mounts. I think anyone committing a crime should be punished for the crime. Not given a free pass if money is handed over. When someone robs a bank, can he simply return the money if caught? To me that sounds like a free option to rob banks. Just return the money if caught. And if not caught, enjoy the cash.
Admiral Obvious September 06, 2012 at 07:25 PM
I have trouble believing this sign has gps and a camera in it that would catch the thief. He's blowing smoke, the kid got bluffed into coming forward. Why would they offer amnesty otherwise, they have no history of doing so! He likes busting people whenever he can to inflate his ego and reputation. He bluffed and some naive kid fell for it. If it had gps they'd have used it before publicizing it had it, to send a message! And comparing a speed sign 90% of the people ignore, to that of the removal of a stop sign is beyond ridiculous.
QWERTY September 10, 2012 at 03:58 PM
I love this solution.....only if the money recouped far outweighs the cost of the vandalism. This is how our justice system should handle petty or less severe crimes.


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