Hamster Comes Back From the Dead, Hawk Breaks into School

Animal reports from in and around Stamford.


A Teddy Bear hamster was found in its cage, left on the sidewalk near a school bus stop at Bradley Place this past week, Hollywood said.

Hollywood said the creature was so cold, they initially thought it was dead, but they brought it to High Ridge Animal Hospital where it was placed on a heating pad and suddenly it sprang up.

The office determined it was a 3-year-old male and have already found the animal a home.

Hollywood was fairly certain the animal was NOT a zombie arriving just in time for Halloween.


In keeping with last week's trend of animals trying to go to school, a hawk broke into one in an attempt to set up shop and get an education before it was removed by Stamford Animal Care & Control officers, shelter director Laurie Hollywood said.

The hawk broke into Rippowam Middle School at 411 High Ridge Road and caused a ruckus. Officer Tilford Cobb went out and assisted the school in removing the feathery wannabe-student and released it into the wild.


A resident of Stamford who passed away this past week left the shelter with 17 cats for which the shelter has needed to scramble to find accommodations.

Currently, the shelter is paying room and board at the Rippowam Animal Hospital to have some of the cats housed there for the time being. All of the cats are fixed, but some are undergoing evaluations and each is having its shots updated. They are also being treated for fleas, ear mites and matted hair. Two of the cats needed dentals. 

Outreach to Pets In Need (OPIN) is funding the dentals and medical service. All donations to the shelter to help pay for the cats' room and board and OPIN to help pay for the medical services are greatly appreciated.

OPIN Outreach to Pets in Need November 13, 2012 at 02:52 PM
As you can imagine, the costs to board and provide medical care for 17 cats are extraordinary and mounting up quickly. These cats were loved by their late owner and we are helping them in memory of a great woman who cared deeply for her pets. Donations of any amount are appreciated by Outreach to Pets In Need (OPIN) and can be made online through our website: www.opinpets.org or by mail to: OPIN, Inc., PO Box 488, Riverside, CT 06878. Through kind donations, OPIN has supported the Stamford Animal Shelter since 2007, providing the animals with foster homes, medical care, therapy, special surgeries, supplies, advertising, web services, volunteer help, dog training, evaluations and much more. Your support is truly appreciated. Visit: www.opinpets.org, email: outreach@opinpets.org, or call: 203-348-4397 for more information.


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