'Who Would You Vote For?'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"Such silly people doing silly things with other people's money. The terrorists have won, they stole the brains of the selectmen. Wonder if they teach this in the schools of New Canaan, not that the School Board is much different ..." -  


"I have a question....Hypothetically, if Frank Sinatra or Gene Simmons were to run against Rosa Delauro today...who would you vote for?" -


"That reminds me, are 'delusions of grandeur' covered under Romneycare, Donny?" -

"I guess this person was trying to test the system. He's a lawyer so IMO believe he knew exactly what he was doing and the potential reaction (based on the timing of the shooting in Aurora) people would have. I don't think anyone is really debating his right so much as his judgement in exercising that right. You can be technically within your rights, but to exploit that right is something altogether different."

"Thats one awesome birthday gift .... congrats !!!!" -

"Hello from all of us beneath your ivory tower, Donny. Is it hotter up there? With the all the sanctimony, I mean." -  


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