Weston Energy Challenge 'Extremely Rewarding'

The following is a letter to the editor sent by Erin O'Neill.

To the Editor:

My time with Weston’s Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge has been extremely rewarding. Over the course of my two years with the program, I have benefitted not only in the way that learned an immense amount from my supervisors, but also in knowing that I have served the community of Weston. That is a reward in itself.

When I first began working in town, I ran into a lot of barriers. People didn’t know who I was or what the Neighbor to Neighbor program was all about. Finally, I met a few people who were willing to help support our efforts to save Westonites energy and money, and they helped put us in touch with residents who were excited about the opportunity.

The Weston Warm Up Fund was our first local partnership, and from there the character of Weston began to unfold before me.

Groups that were weary about partnering with Neighbor to Neighbor at the start became eager to see that the program was partnered with the Weston Warm Up Fund. Other groups then joined in the partnership, donating the $25 they would receive from each completed Home Energy Solutions visits back to the Weston Warm Up Fund. Now, all of our community partners in Weston have their fundraising dollars that come through Neighbor to Neighbor going to support the Warm Up Fund.

I’ve never seen a greater sense of community than this, as all varieties of groups throughout Weston were committed to helping those in need.

The last two years have been a real pleasure and I feel fortunate to have worked in such an exceptional community. For a small town, they are capable of big things. It’s been an inspiration working with them.

Please join me and your local leaders in celebrating the end of another successful year of community energy savings through the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. In addition to highlighting the work of the program, the event will recognize the Clean Energy Corps for their service through the Student Conservation Association. A picnic barbeque lunch will be provided at the event, held at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Bethany on Wednesday, September 5, from noon to 2:30 pm.

Please call (860) 372-4406 or email neighbors@ctenergychallenge.com to RSVP.

Erin O’Neill

Clean Energy Corps Member 



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