'The Rent is Too Damn High'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

GREENWICH: "The rent is too damn high. That's why they are in Norwalk." wrote this in response to news that Chipotle Mexican Grill is coming to Greenwich Avenue. (Southern Fairfield County's only Chipotle is actually in , not Norwalk.)

NEW CANAAN: "Holy Gestapo batman! This is just cartoonishly wrong. The dog was ridiculous enough!" wrote this in response to news that the New Canaan Town Council is reportedly debating the merits of a , a $20,000 capital item included in the proposed 2012-2013 police department budget.

RIDGFIELD: "Well, maybe you can't fool all of the people all of the time, just 2,040 of them." wrote this in response to news that

WILTON: "While I guess there are some 'Kids' who might get a fake IDs to purchase beer - Most of us get them so we can Vote!!" wrote this in response to an article about .


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