Petitioning to Keep Chief Troxell On The Job

The following is a letter to the editor written by Bob Gardner of Weston.

To the Editor:

To Chief John Troxell, Weston Police Department:

We have only two things to say to you:

1. Thank you… For your 31 years of unstinting dedication, concern, energy, honesty,ethics, integrity, and devotion to everyone living in the town of Weston,—and for your leadership of —we extendour most sincere and total appreciation. Without reservation, thank you. You’ve kept us safe and you’ve made us proud.

2. Please stay… Consider delaying your resignation and finish your contract.

Bob Gardner


(Editor's note: Gardner is encouraging those members of the community to reach out to him and sign a petition if they agree that John Troxell "has done a terrific job as police chief and helped make Weston’s Police Department outstanding." Gardner asks people to contact him at bobgardner@optonline.net for further details on how to help.) 


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