'Overpriced, Overrated, Pretentious'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

FAIRFIELD: "No, he should not be fired. He only stated his opinion. While his opinion was worded in a tasteless way and I disagree with just about everything he said, he is entitled to his opinion. That being said, he also needs to take responsibility for the things he says. He needs to stop blaming advertisers from backing away from someone who shared misogynistic opinions. If Clear Channel thinks he is costing them more money than he is bringing in, then that would be a very good reason to can him but not simply because he shared his opinion." wrote this in response to a poll asking Patch readers whether for Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a "slut."

GREENWICH: "If Lyme disease was here 5,000 years ago, then it hasn't done much to impede mankind. Basically all of civilization started AFTER Lyme disease. So let's stop using Lyme disease as an excuse to expand recreational hunting. Who knows, maybe some of our ancestors laid up with Lyme disease, had to stay home, so they used the opportunity to write books and music and come up with innovations like cars and telephones. Maybe Lyme disease has had an overall positive impact." wrote this in response to a about recently discovered Otzi the “Ice Man,” whose frozen body was discovered by a climber in the Italian Alps. Otzi died 5,000 years ago and was suffering from Lyme disease.

NORWALK: "Sure, Rush should be fired, right after Bill Maher is fired is calling Sara Palin a 'c' word and Ed Schultz should also be fired for calling Laura Ingram a slut. Rush was rude, and because of that, this controversy has taken the conversation away from the Constitutional issue that it was and turned it into a something else entirely. If Rush is to be fired it should be because of THAT." wrote this in response to the posted on Norwalk Patch.

STAMFORD: "Overpriced, overrated, pretentious. If you're going to eat unhealthy you're better off with a Big Mac, better taste, cheaper, and Mickey D's takes credit cards, unlike 'Station Eats.' My god, just look at the proprietor. It says it all." wrote this in response to news that New Canaan-based restaurant


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