Letter to the Editor: Why You Should Vote For Shaban

This letter writer supports John Shaban and says why you should as well.


To the Editor:

In 2010, I wrote in support of John Shaban's candidacy for State Representative. As a life-long democrat, parent, educator and 10- year Easton resident, I once again support his reelection.

Shaban has worked diligently to learn and understand his constituents’ concerns, and has represented all of us with integrity. He sought counsel of local educators when considering the education reform bill, rather than acting on assumptions. He gathers facts, is willing to listen and not afraid to be heard He is also a dedicated father and husband.  

We need to have confidence and trust in our representatives. We need to reelect Representative John Shaban!

Kathleen Gombos, Ed.D., Easton


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