Letter to the Editor: Shaban Cares About the Community

John Shaban looks past political labels, this Easton resident writes.


To the Editor:

While the Presidential election is on everyone’s mind, our local elections are just as important, especially the election for State Representatives.

John Shaban has proved to be the State Representative that Easton, Redding, and Weston need in such trying times.  After two years at the helm, Shaban has shown he has the knowledge required to pick apart the issues, as well as the character to find out what the people really want. It’s clear why Shaban is so effective in representing the 135th General Assembly district — he looks past political labels and into the needs of our towns. Being a centrist myself, and registered independent, I had long been in search of a politician that could flexibly navigate the political spectrum and tie together both ends.

My personal experience with Shaban has been terrific. While battling with local adversaries to halt the building of a cellular tower in Easton, John took action by pushing through a bill he co-sponsored,  giving municipalities more power to control corporate cell towers. John returned my emails and phone calls more promptly than my own children! He has been incredibly accessible and responsive to our small neighborhood. John sees the townspeople for who they and not just voters at the polls. When putting together a meet and greet for John at my house, I asked how many people he would need to make it worthwhile. His response was “the more the merrier, but two is enough for me.”

It’s clear that Shaban cares about our community. Most people never think about the autonomy of our cherished municipalities. Shaban does. He has shown that the towns of our district deserve to take hold of crucial issues like education funding and cell tower placement.

Shaban is also a member of the state legislature’s environment committee, judiciary committee, and finance and revenue bonding committee. He has the expertise to preside over big issues, and the wherewithal to get results for the people.  More than ever we need leadership from people like Shaban. We need someone who can cut across coalitions and work in a bipartisan way, but also stand up to lawmakers when they are wrong. Shaban has done just that since being elected in 2010. Last summer John readily sat down with democrats and began to dig into Connecticut’s fiscal problems. After discovering layers of questionable legislature with wasteful spending, John was not about to let Connecticut residents pick up the costs. He will “continue to promote constructive initiatives like bipartisan legislature,” but not if it calls for the “mismanagement of fiscal affairs.”

Over the last two years, Shaban has shown he is committed to serving the interests of both our local district and Connecticut. His logical voting record and authentic personality are unparalleled to most politicians in the modern arena.   The future has never been more unpredictable than now, but with another two years of Shaban’s representation, we can find certainty and comfort in our leadership.

Gia Watkins, Easton

RIGHTfromWrong November 03, 2012 at 05:27 PM
All is well said and well worth the read, because it is true. John genuinely cares about our communities for the LONG TERM…not just a quick-fix Hartford program …John sees the problem in CT & what is causing the incredibly high taxes = higher&higher state spending. They drain hard working Fairfield County families w/taxes to pay for grandiose urban solutions that flop & corrupt our state. VOTE FOR JOHN SHABAN!


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