Letter to the Editor: Shaban Advocates For Easton

A vote for John Shaban is a vote for the environment, this reader writes.


Editor's Note: The deadline to submit election-related letters to the editor is October 31. Letters will continue to be published until Nov. 4.


To the Editor:

We commend Representative Shaban for his accomplishments for Easton and his dedication to helping to solve town problems.

John sponsored the first bill regulating tower siting signed by Governor Malloy this spring. Recently he met with Easton neighbors to discuss how to best serve Easton in facing an application for a telecommunications tower sited on town land.

As a member of the Environment Committee of the Legislature, John can protect, preserve and further our interests by continued participation. He supports town siting choice and limiting the power of CT Siting Council. Please vote for Representative John Shaban, a powerful advocate for Easton and all the towns he represents.

June Lee, Chairperson of The Easton Conservancy Trust           


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