Letter to the Editor: Politicians Should Vote Based On What's Right

The best candidate for the job is John Shaban, this Redding resident says.


Editor's Note: The deadline to submit election-related letters to the editor is October 31. Letters will continue to be published until Nov. 4.


To the Editor:

I'm sick of politicians who are willing to say anything to get elected with no accountability.

Whether it's on the national stage or closer to home, I want a candidate who votes on what he believes to be right instead of what a poll or his party dictates to him on how to vote.

John Shaban is that candidate.  He is a straight forward, no nonsense State representative who works hard with those on both sides of the aisle to get things done for our community. He can stand on his record with pride. We're lucky to have him.

Tom Doherty, Redding


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