Letter to the Editor: John Shaban Can't Run Based on His Voting Record

This Redding resident supports Leon Karvelis.


To The Editor:

John Shaban can’t run from his voting record.  He recently called The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters a “special interest group” but the truth is the CTLCV is a bipartisan, nonprofit organization “dedicated to protecting Connecticut's environment by making it a priority for our elected leaders.”

Rep. Shaban’s environmental voting record is not just bad, it is the second worst record in the entire state and stands in stark contrast with our Republican incumbent Senator Toni Boucher, who scored 100%, and who along with fellow Republican John McKinney, the Senate Minority Leader, were both named “Environmental Champions” by the CTLCV.

On the other hand Rep Shaban’s opponent, Leon Karvelis, has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.  When trying to decide who to vote for for Connecticut State Representative, you need look no further than Rep. Shaban’s voting record.

Susanne Krivit, Redding


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