Letter to the Editor: Shaban’s Troubling Ties to A.L.E.C.

This Redding resident says A.L.E.C.’s 'special interests' typically conflict with the values of the fair-minded community.


To the Editor:

As an independent voter, I find candidates’ affiliations telling and sometimes troubling.  Mr. Shaban is affiliated with A.L.E.C.: far right, Koch Brothers funded, secretive, driven by powerful corporations to have legislators do their bidding. A.L.E.C.’s ”special interests” typically conflict with the values of our fair-minded community. Its tactics compromise legislators’ integrity.

Before voting, Google Bill Moyer’s report “The United States of ALEC."  Assess Mr. Shaban’s A.L.E.C. affiliation and its implications.

Joseph Hanczor, Redding


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