Letter to the Editor: Property Taxes Must Be Addressed

Leon Karvelis, State Representative Candidate of the 135th AD, shared his opinion on John Shaban's comments on the state budget and more.


To the Editor:

John Shaban’s recent comments about the state budget indicate a remarkable lack of understanding of internal governmental cash flows.

Due to timing incompatibility between expenditure needs and revenue cash flows, states often borrow from internal funds and replenish the funds once revenues are realized. It is a less expensive means of funding operating expenditures than temporary external borrowing.

His constant finger pointing at the opposition party for perceived or implied fiscal irresponsibility merely illustrates his tendency toward partisan divisiveness and the same kind of “my way or the highway” politics that has paralyzed Washington.

Of course, Mr. Shaban fails to give Gov. Malloy any credit for beginning to pay down the huge public employee pension and health insurance liabilities incurred by his predecessors, or for asking his natural constituency, the public employee unions, to make sacrifices.

Mr. Shaban does propose to eliminate state taxes on Social Security income, but fails to mention that for individuals making up to $50K and couples up to $60K, such income is already exempt from state income tax. And the 2011 Jobs Act that he references was a bipartisan measure supported by the Governor. He can hardly claim credit for it.

Mr. Shaban is running against me, not the Democratic Party. My policy position is that in representing the interests of the people of the 135th AD, I will focus on what is important to them. I intend to deliver to the majority caucus their voice that property taxes must be addressed to relieve pressure upon those living on fixed incomes, those who have lost their jobs and upon hard-pressed local businesses.

I will stress the need to maintain the educational excellence of our local public schools in the face of statewide educational reform. And I will do what Mr. Shaban has not done in his two years of service: I will stand up to protect our environment and will not shame our District with two years of failing environmental grades, as he has done.

I will represent our people without allegiance to any client, corporation, lobbyist, union, extreme interest group or political party dictum. I intend to do this, as I have done in my service to the Town of Redding and the Region 9 School Board, by working with smart people on both sides of the aisle.

Frankly, neither political party can be proud of its historic stewardship of our state and it is incumbent upon every legislator to work on behalf of the people to rebuild a new Connecticut without playing blame-games. It is what I intend to do once elected.

Leon Karvelis

State Representative Candidate

135th AD (Redding, Weston and Easton)


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