Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Karvelis is a Vote for Redding

This Redding resident supports Karvelis for the 135th District.


To the Editor:

I support Leon Karvelis for the 135th District. As a fiscal conservative and social liberal, Leon combines the best of two worlds. His 30 plus years in business and experience in education as a teacher and school board member, along with his strong pro-environment ethics, make him the ideal person to represent our interests in Hartford. A vote for Karvelis is a vote for Redding.

Daniel W. Barrett, Redding

hal October 20, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Why do you, and other publications, most notably the Fairfield Minuteman, run these ridiculous letters supporting one politician or another. They are obviously not from an objective reader who took a look at both candidates and now favors one. They are written by friends, relatives, and campaign staff. If they want to advertise in your publication, why don't you make them pay for it? Harold Hauser Easton, CT


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