Karvelis: Nothing Inaccurate in My Mailers

The following is a letter to the editor sent by Leon Karvelis, Democratic candidate for the 135th District.

Dear Editor:

By lashing out against my questioning of his environmental voting record, John Shaban has merely called more attention to the fact that he is one of the few State Representatives to have received a failing grade two years in a row from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters. The League’s spokesperson did have cause when he characterized Mr. Shaban as “a problem.”  And by endorsing my candidacy, the Sierra Club echoed the League’s concerns.

The League of Conservation Voters didn’t evaluate Mr. Shaban’s voting record in a vacuum. Their scoring included an aggregate review of both his floor votes AND his Environmental Committee voting record. That record was compared with the records of every other Senator and Representative which is the reason why in contrast with almost every other legislator, Mr. Shaban received his failing grade.

The League’s scores do not favor any particular political party. Republicans and Democrats alike in our region and across the state have scored much higher than Mr. Shaban, including Senators Boucher and McKinney. John Stripp, Mr. Shaban’s predecessor also had much higher average scores from the League. As one legislator told me recently, “It’s not hard to do. Just vote with the environment and you’ll do well.”

Mr. Shaban’s disdain for this non-profit legislative environmental ‘watchdog’ which supports legislation promoting clean air, clean water, preserving open space and good food came through loud and clear when, in his letter to the local media, Mr. Shaban referred to the League as a “special interest.” Without missing a beat Mr. Shaban went on to state that he was “proud” to have received a failing grade from them. I believe that the environment is not the subject of any “special interest,” but instead is of general interest to all, and it is an interest we must all support.

Leon Karvelis

Candidate, 135th AD

Redding, Weston and Easton 

Elizabeth Jorgensen November 02, 2012 at 06:33 PM
There is a phase in the law "Res Ipsa Loquitor" - The thing speaks for itself. Mr. Karvelis I applaud your ability to state 'the thing' plainly and we as educated voters can quite obviously see who will protect the enviornment. Perhaps Mr. Shaban has not wittnessed the slow (but thankfully steady) march of Republicans and conservatives to the enviornmental cause. Is there anything more important to the long term economical, social and physical well being of our community?


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