‘CT is B-R-O-K-E’

Patch readers comment on the top headlines, with subjects ranging from the economy to illegal poaching.

“I am sure that I am no longer being counted as unemployed as my emergency benefits were cut off in April because the CT unemployment rate is lower than the national rate. I have an advanced degree, but just may end up asking you if you'd like fries with that.” -

Newtown: CT Among Worst Pension Deficits in U.S.

“When an entity (State or family) is broke, the LAST thing they fund is retirement. CT is B-R-O-K-E. Some might even say insolvent.” –

Woodbury-Middlebury: Finding Bigotry in the Mirror

“This whole thing is a farce. So what if you are gay, deal with it. So what if people do not like you for it, that is life. No one has a right to be accepted anywhere for any reason. If someone beats up someone (whether they are gay or not), that is battery. If someone is mean to someone, that is life deal with it.” –

Norwalk Public Schools 2012-13 Calendar Proposed

“[School] days before Labor Day ARE a waste of time. A lot of students do not show up until after that weekend and those who do, say that they do not learn anything as teachers do not start teaching until after the weekend.” -

Stamford: Madonna Badger Talks About Christmas Day Fire in First Televised Interview

“Why pick on a town that reached out in the darkest days and extract money from them? So so very sad. The poor contractor who was sleeping at his customer’s home, how sad. The whole thing is depressing.” -

“Let's not get your speedo all in a wad now. No one is going to shoot you.” -

Monroe: Wetlands Commission to Decide Fate of Gas Station Proposal for 111

“This town has to get over it. They never want anything new. There was a gas station there before so what is the problem? Too much competition? I think it will help us all in the long run.” -



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