Spring Cleaning for The Self

Just about everyone sets aside time to do spring-cleaning around the house. How about putting in that same effort in taking care of yourself?

OK, I’ll admit it.  I have some mixed feelings about the library. Please understand that I am a voracious reader and absolutely adore books, so my unease is not with the written word.  Rather, it is with the formality of the library environs that are in such stark contrast to the creative, historical, and bibliographical stories that our beloved books carry forward.

Perhaps my library unease began back in the late 1960’s, when it was mandated that we all learn the card catalog.  Frankly, I hated everything about that card catalog and although I tried to be a compliant child, just one look at those rows and rows of flat white cards would make my eyes glaze over.  Worse yet, I was always tempted to take a card out of the “E” section and put it in the “T” section where it would die a silent death, never to be found again.  It was almost as if Thomas Edison was calling to me from his grave. 

“COM’ on Lizzy, I don’t want to be known as Mr. Edison and filed under the E’s. I want to be called Tom!  Go ahead and move me to the “T’s."

That was back during the cold war when we also were subjected to air raid drills. For those of you under 45, I will describe.  An air raid drill was something that the entire class of 34 students (the average class size for baby boomers) would do on a bi-monthly basis, and it consisted of sitting down single file on the hallway floor.  We would sit on the cold cement, feet and bottom planted firmly beneath us, and put our heads between our knees.  The point of this awkward position as explained, was to provide bodily protection in case of a Russian atomic attack.  So basically if Russia dropped the bomb on us, we would be safe.  I remember telling the head librarian that those drills made just as much sense as memorizing the card catalog, and with those remarks I was immediately shipped off to the principal’s office. 

My current library puzzlement has to do with my chosen profession as an Executive and Personal Coach.  I have approached a couple of local libraries an offered to do a free workshop.   However, the response has been lukewarm at best since they believe that there is a very limited interest in coaching.  This perplexes me for the following reasons.  Usually when people find out that I’m a Coach, they seem quite intrigued.  They ask me specific questions, engage me in philosophical conversations about change and motivation, and ask me for inspirational tips.  I absolutely love to chat and try to be of help to them; so much so that I decided to offer a free workshop. 

It would be a “spring clean-up” workshop if you will. I envisioned a one to one and a half hour program  limited to twelve people, where I could provide some informational worksheets.  Then we would have a general discussion about the information, how to "clean-up" and manage difficult aspects in your life, and participants could leave with some helpful suggestions.  Each individual could take what insights were relevant and meaningful to them, and leave the rest.  For some of you, it could mean a greater ability to coach yourselves and for others, it would introduce you to coaching should the need for some outside help ever arise.  Oh, and did I mention that it would be free?

In the spring, most of us will spend hours clearing the yard of winter debris, planting flowers and sprucing up our homes.  While we will allocate all of this energy to the outside,  very few of us will spend time on the inside.  However, how we feel on the inside is really what affects everything.  So, if you think that you will have one hour to spare to engage in a coaching spring clean-up workshop with me, drop me an line at Liz@AtlasCoaching.net .  If I get enough interest, I can present the idea to the Weston library and get us a room.  Email me now and let’s make it happen!   Remember, spring cleaning is for more than just your yard!

Executive and Personal Coach Liz Hoffmann, BA, MBA, CPC owns Atlas Coaching LLC.  She works with clients in her Fairfield Center Office by appointment.  For a free initial consultation to discuss if coaching is right for you and to schedule an appointment with Liz, please send her an email at Liz@AtlasCoaching.net  Or for more information visit her website at http://www.AtlasCoaching.net

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