Weston Voters OK Lachat Agreement

At a special town meeting Thursday night, Weston voters unanimously approved the town's deal with the Nature Conservancy regarding the Lachat property.

It's unanimous.

On Thursday night, by a voice vote, the approximately 50 Weston voters in attendance at a town meeting voted unanimously to approve the mutual lease agreement between .

Under the agreement, the town will lease 22.06 acres of the Lachat property, located on Godfrey Road, to the Nature Conservancy. In turn, the conservancy will lease 19.01 acres to the town. Both of the leases, which are renewable and last 10 years, grant use rights consistent with the mission of each entity.

The town will lease the forested area of the property to the conservancy, who will include it with . The conservancy will lease the meadowed area adjacent to Godfrey Road to the town, which will decide how to use the property.

No decision has yet been reached on the land’s use.

The second principle of the agreement states that the town will attempt to modify its conservation easements to clearly allow use of the .

The agreement’s third principle states that the endowment that was created to support the property and its buildings will remain unchanged. The cash that’s available for use will be distributed as appropriate between the two entities.


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