Three Homes Fetch More Than $1M in Weston

Six homes were sold in Weston during the last three weeks of July, including three which cost more than $1 million.

(Editor's note: The following information was supplied by the office of the .)

On July 10, Nancy Harding sold the property at 171 Georgetown Road to Lance Lund and Anna Roberts for $349,000.

On July 11, Thomas Buckner sold the property at 95 Davis Hill Road to Amy Fisher for $990,000.

On July 12, Douglas and Barbara Seymour sold the property at 18 Old Hyde Road to Francesca Paolozzi for $1,510,000.

On July 17, Kurt and Ann Bolin sold the property at 3 Briar Oak Drive to Briana and Laura Mayer for $1,104,500.

On July 26, Mary Lou Dudley sold the property at 5 River Road to Nancy Rolph for $828,500.

On July 30, 71 Godfrey Road LLC sold the property at 71 Godfrey Road West to Anthony Green and Tiffany Donovan for $1,500,000. 


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