'Let's Look in the Mirror and Decide to See the Truth'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "Sometimes we ALL forget that youth sports mean different things to different people. We should acknowledge that if you want your child to just be active a recreational league is wonderful. If you believe your child needs a more competitive atmosphere than youth sports leagues are the way to go. Be mindful of what Your child needs first and it should work out, its when we as parents project our past experiences that there are issues. Let's look in the mirror and decide to see the truth." This is one reader's response to an opinion piece by Heather Borden Hervé about .

NEW CANAAN: "Thank GOD for Zira! Without her there would be giggly passengers running all over town in cars with tinted windows! Anarchy!" This is one reader's response to a .

NORWALK: "Of course there is an undercurrent of racism. It wasn't all that long ago when there was no such thing as a minority firefighter in Norwalk. We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go. The oral part of the promotion exam is the least objective part of the process and the last bastion of prejudice. Wether that undercurrent can be proved to be the reason somebody else got the promotion remains to be seen ..." This is one reader's response to an article about Broderick Sawyer, an last month with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

WESTON: "... Their argument will always be, 'Won't somebody think of the children?' The sad fact of the matter, to me at least, is that we spend more and more money on education and children are not necessarily getting smarter and smarter. How many kids who graduate from WHS could talk at any sort of length about the Monroe Doctrine, for example? Not as many as could tell you about the last five winners of American Idol." This is one reader's response to news that Dr. Colleen Palmer, superintendent of , is .


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