Keith Richards Won't be Joining Mick Jagger on SNL Finale

According to a report in Rolling Stone, Jagger told Richards that he wants to host the show "on his own."

Rolling Stones guitarist and resident Keith Richards reportedly says he will not be joining Mick Jagger in hosting Saturday Night Live's season finale this weekend.

According to a report in Rolling Stone, Jagger told Richards that he wants to host the show "on his own."

“I spoke to Mick and he said it’s something that he said yes to many months ago, so he’s just doing it [alone],” Richards told the magazine. He added that he will be watching the show.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Richards might join Jagger on the show and perform live to kick off the band's 50th Reunion tour — even though Richards told Rolling Stone in March that the tour probably wouldn't happen until 2013 (which he considers the band's true 50th anniversary, since Charlie Watts didn't join the band until 1963).

To churn the rumor mill faster, earlier this week Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood reportedly "let it slip" during an event where he presented an award that the Stones might launch a tour as early as September, according to a report in the British tabloid, The Sun.

As fans know, there's still a chance Richards could show up on the SNL set: As Rolling Stone magazine's Patrick Doyle points out, "Stones plans often change at the last minute; Richards never announced that he was joining Jagger at 2001's Concert for New York, but he showed up, joining the frontman on 'Miss You' and 'Salt of the Earth.'"

On the other hand it's not like Jagger and Richards have been the best of chaps as of late, with Richards recently having to he made about his bandmate in his recent best-seller autobiography, "Life."

Sean Tully May 16, 2012 at 08:23 PM
"I always hate nostalgia "Living in the past" Mick Jagger "Too Far Gone" The Rolling Stones may not be celebrating their 50th anniversary together until January, 2013 (the month drummer Charlie Watts came on board), but the Rollin' Stones have been around 50 years as a group. But, if Jagger can't acknowledge that than at least he can give a nod to his being with his songwriting partner, Keith Richards, for 50 years. (I first heard Jagger, not Richards, say that the band isn't fifty until January, when Watts joined) The Jagger-Richards team had been arguably the most successful songwriting partnership in the mid 20th Century, except for Lennon-McCartney, of course. But Keith did say some nasty things about Sir Mick in his book "Life". No one could blame Jagger for being a bit gun shy of the Human Riff now. When I read Keith's book, it worried me that he may be killing off the one thing he loves more than anything (except maybe his wife and children) - the Rolling Stones. Still, if Mick is nothing besides a legend rock and roller, he is a good business man. He should understand that marketing the 50th year of Jagger-Richards Inc. could mean yet another huge payday for himself.
TimeForChange May 18, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Not much different, and probably far less volatile than the rift between them in the 80's. I have read most of Life and I think Keith was just very honest and up front. Jagger has always been very image conscious, where Keith could care less. I am sure that they all realize the significance of their 50 year Rock & Roll achievement. No ONE has done it, but them. We will see something from the boys by years end into 2013. They are big planners and when they do, they go all out. :)


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