'I Pretty Much Call That a Tie'

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DARIEN: "I am not sure who the occupiers will be exchanging ideas with since most people are working between 9 and 5 and if they are out of a job — yes, that happens here too — then they are busy trying to find a job. I think the occupiers should take their gripes to Washington." This is one Darien Patch reader's response to news that an

REDDING: "Clearly, Redding does not need four post offices, provided that one or two are staffed to take on the business relinquished from those that close. The bigger problem is the USPS' lack of control over their own finances and operations. They continue to operate as a money making machine for the government, but appear to be losing money because of what the government takes from them. Congress needs to give the USPS control to innovate and manage their own finances. If that were the case, the media would be covering how the USPS is thriving and improving their business (again). I do not work for the postal service, but I know what is required of them is ridiculous." This is one Weston-Redding-Easton Patch reader's response to news that despite the U.S Postal Service's plans for consolidation.

STAMFORD: "Regarding the old, mostly friendly rivalry between paid vs. volunteer, I've always thought of it like this: Who's more dedicated? Someone who's dedicated their whole life and career to the service of others? Or someone who works a long day job and then also goes through long training and nights and weekends to serve? I pretty much call that a tie." This is one Stamford Patch reader's response to a Board of Representatives' meeting held last week that to discuss Mayor Pavia's fire plan.

WILTON: "First, you have to explain the technology to Brennan... He is so used to typing those 'We are doing an excllent job' letters after each storm ..." This is one Wilton Patch reader's response to news that the to residents via social media and radio broadcasting.


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