Easton's Grand List Shrinks By 21 Percent

Properties were reassessed this time around, causing the decrease in the grand list.

Easton’s grand list shrunk by 21 percent since last year, according to numbers provided by Terri Rainieri, .

The current grand list is $1.319 billion, a decrease of more than $353 million from last year’s grand list of $1.672 billion, Rainieri said. The reason for the decline was a revaluation of residential properties, she said.

According to Rainieri, the following are the assessment of the properties of the top ten taxpayers in Easton:

  • Aquarion Water Company — $34,632,670
  • The Connecticut Golf Club — $5,407,140
  • John Shepherd — $2,049,400
  • Salvatore and Marie Gilbertie —$1,958,520
  • Mark and Antoniette Greenspan — $1,937,410
  • Asif Malik — $1,729,360
  • Trustees for the Estate of Ellen Jo Mendell — $1,618,520
  • Trustees of the Estate of Michael Chapman — $1,565,900
  • Rosemary Weaver — $1,372,840
  • Aspectuck Valley Country Club — $1,277,140

According to Rainieri, real estate is assessed at 70 percent of market value.


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